Apply to Organize a World Justice Forum 2022 Working Session

Working Sessions are concurrent workshops, interactive dialogues, and facilitated discussions on pressing issues related to the Forum topic “Building More Just Communities.” Working Sessions will be oriented around each of the Forum themes and contribute to developing a rule of law agenda that tackles the root causes of societies’ persistent inability to deliver a dignified life for all. We are looking for dynamic and interactive sessions that will generate new insights, collaborative activities, and concrete recommendations. Sessions should have a dedicated rapporteur to document key takeaways and forward-looking actions.

The World Justice Project welcomes applications from organizations and individuals to organize working sessions throughout the Forum program.

Applications for working sessions are due Friday, January 14, 2022.


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About Working Sessions:


  • Each Working Session should focus on at least one of the Forum themes: Access to Justice; Anti-Corruption and Open Government; or Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination.


  • Working Session organizers should consider how to facilitate dynamic interaction amongst participants, particularly in an online format. Formats may include workshops, lightning talks, facilitated dialogues, interactive panel discussions, peer review sessions or other participatory models. Keynote-style presentations are discouraged.


  • Each Working Session is 90 minutes and will be recorded for later viewing.


  • Participants may apply to organize Working Sessions as either online or in-person meetings. Given the Forum’s hybrid format, approximately half of the Working Sessions will be held online and half will be held in-person.


  • Working Sessions may be organized in collaboration with other partner organizations or individuals.


  • Working Sessions should consider diversity and gender balance of speakers, facilitators and moderators.  We also encourage inclusion of youth speakers and moderators.



Questions? Contact [email protected].