Dr. Jorum Duri works at Transparency International-Secretariat as the horizontal accountability specialist for the EU-funded project Strengthening Accountability Networks Among Civil Society. In this role, Jorum provides thematic guidance and support to chapters of Transparency International in 21 countries across the world that are working on activities to strengthen the capacity, performance, and independence of various oversight institutions such as parliaments, supreme audits institutions, anti-corruption agencies, and ombudsmen. He is also a member of Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Helpdesk team, which provides timely and tailored research briefs on corruption-related enquiries for various stakeholders, including selected bilateral international development agencies and foreign affairs ministries. A legal professional by training, Dr. Duri holds a doctorate degree in law from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa and his thesis analyzed anti-corruption measures in selected transitional states in Africa. He also has a Master of Laws and Bachelor of Laws. Jorum previously worked in academia and has published papers and presented at international conferences on governance-related topics.

Dr. Jorum Duri will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Challenges and Trends for Accountability Institutions