Bob is Managing Partner and founder of FOUNT, a leading Dutch impact investment firm which provides Strategic Advisory and Fund & Investment Management services to drive social and environmental impact alongside reasonable financial returns in emerging markets. FOUNT currently manages a number of funds, with focus on amongst others clean cooking, sustainable agriculture & forest protection and sustainable fashion production. He has over 20 years of investment experience in developing countries and a wealth of experience in setting up and managing funds. Bob is currently Fund Director of Good Fashion Fund, Board and IC-member for BIX Capital as well as Board and IC-member for AGRI3 Fund Manager. Prior to FOUNT, Bob worked for impact investment organisations FMO, Triodos Investment Management and ProCreditBank and gained hands-on experience in general management and SME banking. He has a vivid interest in sustainable business operations and has been on assignments in numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central- and South Eastern Europe.