justice expo

Reserve your space at the Justice Expo

As a central feature of the World Justice Forum 2022, the Justice Expo is an open space at the World Forum venue in The Hague for in-person participants to exhibit innovative and original content on justice and the rule of law. Exhibitors will showcase their work and engage with other participants, including government representatives, media, donors, and the private sector in an informal setting throughout the Forum.

Reserve your space in the Expo by March 1, 2022.


About the Expo:

  • Projects and organizations of all types are encouraged to participate, including governments, international organizations, civil society organizations, universities, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Projects addressing the themes of the World Justice Forum 2022 (Access to Justice; Anti-Corruption and Open Government; and Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination) will be given priority.
  • Exhibition formats may include short videos, poster displays, cartoons, interactive games, art installations, virtual reality tools, and more.
  • The Justice Expo will be the featured space for Forum receptions and coffee breaks. During these points in the Agenda, exhibitors will have the opportunity to interact with Forum participants and answer questions about their work. Given the hybrid nature of the Forum, time also will be set aside for discussion with online participants through video chat and online messaging.
  • Each exhibitor will be given one booth. The cost for each booth is €280. The booth will consist of a table, two chairs, and a poster stand, along with an electrical outlet and access to electricity. The cost also includes the printing of your poster. Any additional materials or equipment will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Further poster guidelines and booth specifications will be provided.