Mark Worth has been working with whistleblowers for 35 years – as a whistleblower caseworker, legal advisor, policy analyst, investigative journalist, campaigner, and trainer. He has founded or co-founded many organizations, including Whistleblowing International, European Center for Whistleblower Rights, Center for Whistleblower Rights & Rewards, and the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection. He has supported hundreds of whistleblowers, investigated their cases, worked to protect them from retaliation, and advocated for reforms and justice based on their disclosures. He has led or supported the development of whistleblower laws and advised officials in all regions, and spoken at more than 40 conferences and workshops. He has advised the UN, EU, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Council of Europe, and was a member of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Expert Group on Whistleblowing. He has held leadership positions at many NGOs in Europe and the US, including Transparency International and Public Citizen, and is an award-winning investigative journalist and magazine publisher.