The coming year will provide several important opportunities for advancing the rule of law and delivering on the promise of justice for all. Taking advantage of this political moment requires a coordinated effort to develop a shared understanding of why the rule of law and justice are important and what we can do about it. Convened at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands under the theme of “Realizing Justice for All,” the World Justice Forum will:

  • Highlight key research findings on the relationship between justice and sustainable development;

  • Showcase successful solutions that deliver justice and strengthen the rule of law;

  • Foster multi-sectoral collaboration; and

  • Mobilize commitments to increase access to justice.

As a meeting place for governmental and non-governmental actors, private sector leaders, and the donor community, the Forum will address the principal challenges to delivering justice and provide space for advancing concrete solutions. We intend for the outcomes of World Justice Forum to feed directly into the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 in July and the UN Summit on the SDGs in September. 

Conference panel discussion, Attendees at a breakout session

Who Should Attend

  • High-level representatives from the finance, development, environment, education, public health, and tech sectors;
  • Parliamentarians, judges, and officials from a broad array of government ministries; 
  • Corporate leaders interested in advancing justice and the rule of law;
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs from civil society organizations and the private sector; 
  • Scholars and journalists;
  • Investors and development aid agencies; and
  • Leading members of the legal profession. 

What to Expect

Expert Insight

Learn about leading research and original data that make the case for rule of law as critical to sustainable development, and effective strategies for advocating for access to justice and rule of law broadly and to multiple audiences.

Network Building

Participate in multi-sectoral networking events to identify areas for collaboration and action.

Practical Knowledge

Hear about successful solutions to the justice gap from government officials, parliamentarians, businesses, civil society, and others. Practical workshops will help participants apply best practices to increasing access to justice and apply smart tools and strategies to increase their own organization's impact.

Commitments to Justice

Join in galvanizing commitments to future action on increasing access to justice by government officials, parliamentarians, businesses, civil society, and other private actors.

Conference attendees at work, Conference attendees mingling

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the World Justice Forum.



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