Patricia van der Ross has been a Councillor at the City of Cape Town since 2014. Cllr van der Ross is the political head entrusted with the Community Services and Health portfolio, including the maintenance of recreational parks and facilities, operation of social development programs, City Health & Environmental Health Services, and Library & Information Services. Previously she served as the Deputy Chairperson for Water and Sanitation Services (2016-2018) and Community Services and Health (2018-2021). From 2014-2019, she was the elected representative for Ward 65 and 67, where she worked to improve accountability to the communities. Cllr van de Ross is one of the founding members of Shalom Community Care, Ray of Love, and has worked with various non-governmental groups and associations.

Patricia van der Ross will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Inform Women, Transform Lives: Cities Increasing Equitable Access to Municipal Services