Buawah Jobo Samba has over ten years’ experience working in rural and urbans areas in Sierra Leone in the area of natural resources management. Mr. Samba is currently the head of the National Land Policy and Voluntary Guidelines implementation secretariat at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning. Mr. Samba was very instrumental in the development of the National Land Policy for Sierra Leone and establishment of the institutional framework that promotes collaboration between MDAs, CSOs, Development Partners and Traditional Leaders on responsible Governance of Forest, Land and Fisheries. The institutional framework has been anchored to structures of the central Government. The institutional framework consists of a Secretariat, Technical Working Group, Steering Committee, National Steering Committee and Inter-Ministerial Task Force. The institutional framework also supports the multi-stakeholder platform which has built a community of practice that brings together all relevant stakeholders in the management of natural resources for two days every year to discuss and make recommendation on the governance of tenure of land, Fisheries and Forest. Under the implementation framework of the National Land Policy and Voluntary Guidelines, Mr. Samba has been pivotal in the development of Responsible Agricultural Investment Approval Process, National Land Commission Bill and Customary Land Rights Bill. Buawah has successfully lead the development of the National Land Commission and Customary Land Rights Bills under the implementation framework of the National Land Policy and Voluntary Guidelines. The Land Rights Bills have been provided to Parliament for passing into law.

Buawah Jobo Samba will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Access to Justice Land and Environmental Advocates Need to Protect us from Climate Change