Michele Crymes is a Program Officer with the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center, where she works on a variety of global transparency and integrity initiatives. The Center focuses on developing nimble, evidence-based anti-corruption programming for countries with new, pro-reform leadership. Crymes plays an integral role in a pioneering approach to corporate compliance that supports companies seeking to manage corruption, labor, and environmental responsibilities and liabilities as well as heading CIPE’s efforts on ESG initiatives. Prior to joining CIPE, Crymes worked as an investigative attorney ensuring U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practice Act compliance for multinational companies based in Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. Crymes also developed rule of law and human rights programming in the Philippines, Fiji, and Vietnam as a Program Manager with the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative. She also managed USAID-funded anti-corruption and rule of law programs in Colombia, East Timor, and Central America.

Michele Crymes will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Democracy Dividends of ESG Investing