Stephan Sjouke (1966), Head International Affairs Stephan obtained his law degree in 1993 (Leiden) and got his PhD in 1999 on the return of cultural property (Rotterdam). Stephan Sjouke has developed the international policy within the National Ombudsman. The focus is on sharing knowledge and expertise with others and learning from fellow institutions. Stephan Sjouke is responsible for all international contacts and has been the project leader of various international projects of cooperation. For example with the ombuds institutions of the Czech Republic, the Médiateur du Royaume of Morroco and a cooperation with the Ombudsman of Indonesia is still ongoing. In the international field he has developed the concept of the Poldershop that is an informal, non-hierarchical low cost meeting among international experts on a topic where there are no speakers but only sharing of information and knowledge. Later this year he will organise a Poldershop on ombudsman norms.

Stephan Sjouke will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Ombuds Institutions’ Role in Contributing to Access to Justice and SDG 16