Hon. Esther Passaris is the Nairobi County Woman Representative in the Kenyan Parliament. She has used her position to enhance access to education, promote quality health care, create job opportunities through empowerment, and continue advocating for the rights and welfare of women, youth and Persons with Disability, among other vulnerable groups. Through the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), she has worked to support programs that range from bursaries to hunger alleviation to table banking. Hon. Passaris is a graduate of the Executive Business Program of Strathmore College, she has a Diploma in Law from the University of London, and in 2017 graduated from the United States International University Africa with a BSc in International Business Administration. Before establishing the Adopt-A-Light project in 2002, Hon. Passaris started her career in the tourism and hospitality industry as a sales and marketing executive. Her strong desire to marry business with social responsibility is what led to Adopt-A-Light; the pioneer lighting and outdoor advertising company through which she is credited with revolutionizing the outdoor advertising scene and successfully introducing the concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Kenya.

Hon. Esther Passaris will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Inform Women, Transform Lives: Cities Increasing Equitable Access to Municipal Services