Ms. Habiba Osman is a lawyer whose work has focused on human rights, gender, and governance. Habiba is the current Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Commission in Malawi, a Constitutional body that promotes, protects, and investigates human rights violations in the broadest sense possible, including advising the government on all areas of human rights. Habiba serves on several boards, regionally and internationally. Habiba has previously worked for the UN and other international organizations as a gender and human rights specialist and advisor. She currently serves as an ambassador for the global youth against slavery movement, as an advisor to the World Leaders for Mental Health platform, and has also been recognized as the Vital Voices Top 100 Women in the world (2016). In 2022, she was appointed to chair Trustee for the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi. Habiba, graduated from Keele University (UK) with a dual honors degree in Law (LLB), International History, and has an LLM in international human rights law obtained from Notre Dame Law School, USA. Habiba, has written numerous articles on human trafficking, disability rights, gender-based violence, and various human rights topics.

Habiba Osman will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Customary and Informal Pathways to People-Centered Justice: What Works