Kriss Chinkhota works as the Research and Development Coordinator at CARE Malawi, he is responsible for Social Accountability learning and development, soliciting ground evidence for national and global advocacy. Kriss holds a Masters in Public Health and Bachelor’s of Health Systems Management. He is an accomplished rural development and business development professional with over 14 years working experience working with charity/development organizations and social and developmental programs with focus on rural development; providing leadership in policy and strategy formulation, and governance. His extensive knowledge gained from living and working in dynamic environments with local communities strengthens his contributions around program development, monitoring, and evaluation. Over the years, he has accumulated experience working with several organizations including CARE Malawi, Save the Children, Liverpool Associates for Tropical Health (LATH) Trust, Health Foundation Consortium, Maimwana and Maikhanda Trust.

Kriss Morris Chinkhota will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Community-Driven Data as a Tool to Foster Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination