Serena is the founder of Youth Against Corruption (YAC), a youth-led organization that aims to prevent and control corruption through youth talents, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship. She also works with governmental and non-governmental organizations as a consultant for sustainability and smart cities projects. Serena has a Master’s degree in Architecture and an International Master’s Degree in Sustainable Territorial Development. Her interest in corruption emerged from the fact that she was born and raised in Lebanon, a country where systemic corruption has dreadful impacts on the life of youth. Today, she is committed to fighting for a more sustainable and fair future for victims of corrupt systems and to creating an international movement of youth who have the humility, creativity, and courage to break the corruption chain. In June 2021, Serena was selected by the President of the General Assembly to deliver a youth statement, summarizing the outcome of the UNODC Youth Forum discussions, during the opening of the special session of the General Assembly (UNGASS) against corruption. She also currently serves as an integrity advisory board member for UNODC's Grace initiative.