Elizabeth Andersen
Executive Director
Paul Fisher
Chief Development Officer
Matthew Harman
Chief Communications Officer
Ted Piccone
Chief Engagement Officer
Dr. Alejandro Ponce
Chief Research Officer
Richard Schorr
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Alicia Evangelides
Co-Director, Rule of Law Index
Alejandro González Arreola
Director of Rule of Law Projects, Mexico
Amy Gryskiewicz
Director, Criminal Justice Research
Shakhlo Hasanova
Director of Grants and Financial Reporting
Natalia Jardon
Director of Communications, Mexico
Tim Kessler
Country Director, Mexico
Sarah Chamness Long
Director, Access to Justice Research
Joel Martinez
Director of Engagement
Tanya Primiani
Co-Director, Rule of Law Index
Gerard Vinluan
Asia Pacific Regional Director
Lilian Chapa Koloffon
Senior Researcher
Roberto Hernández
Senior Researcher
Marien Rivera
Senior Researcher
Juan Salgado
Senior Police Reform Researcher
Leslie Solís
Senior Researcher
Miguel Contreras
Finance and Operations Manager, Mexico
Joseph Haley
Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow
Debby Manley
Human Resources and Administrative Manager
Sergio Villanueva
Grant Manager
Killian Dorier
Senior Program Associate for Engagement
Kirssy González
Senior Program Associate
Natalia Rodríguez
Senior Program Associate
Becca Silvas
Senior Communications Associate
Emily Youatt
Senior Development Associate
Courtney Babcock
Graphic Design Associate
Lindsey Bock
Criminal Justice Program Associate
Erin Campbell
Program Associate
Josh Fuller
Program Associate
Grace Hulseman
Access to Justice Research Associate
Amir Galván
Senior Transmedia Consultant
Ana Cárdenas
Estefany Caudillo
Vianney Fernández
Lucía Estefanía González Medel
Eréndira González Portillo
Verónica Jaso
Mario Rodriguez
Marcelo Torres
Sally Aldrich
Program Assistant for the Engagement Team
Abigail Broussard
Junior Graphic Designer
Emma Frerichs
Special Assistant to the Chief Research Officer
Irene Heras
Graphic Designer
Jaya Khetarpal
Special Assistant to the Executive Director and the Engagement Team
Rafael Lozano
Animator and Digital Artist
Fernando Omedé
Content Strategist
Sahar Omer
Program Assistant
Victoria Thomaides
Program Assistant
Ramiro Suárez
Research Fellow


Avery Comar
Intern, Executive and Development Offices
Mac Simpson
Intern, Rule of Law Index
Anna-Theresa Unger
Intern, Engagement and Advocacy
Jacob Alabab-Moser
Intern, Access to Justice
James Davis
Intern, Rule of Law Index
Nora Futtner
Intern, Rule of Law Index
Grace Stanley
Intern, Resource Development and Communications