Graphic Designer

Irene Heras joined WJP México in the summer of 2018. She holds a degree in Design of the Graphic Communication from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico. Her areas of expertise are Visual Identity, Data Visualization and Editorial Design.

As co-founder of the editorial Ediciones Omecihuatl and as a member of the collective editorial Hermanas en la Sombra she has designed the publications and covers of books written by women and men in prision, women teenagers deprived of liberty, women teenagers in addiction centers, groups of families victims of the organized crime and with feminist and pro-rights groups. As a research assistant in CIESAS she worked the topic of clandestine graves and co-designed a search guide for the relatives of disappeared victims.

She is now active in social projects to redistribute the benefits of tourism to the rural and indigenous communities in México and annually she participates in tours as an children's animation teacher in marginalized areas.