AlejandroGonzález Arreola

Director of Rule of Law Projects, Mexico

Alejandro is the Director of Rule of Law Projects in the Mexico office, where he leads the Mexico States Rule of Law Index, Mexico’s Open Justice Metric, the Innovation Lab for Justice, among other groundbreaking initiatives. He has an extensive background in Mexican, regional, and global rule of law initiatives. Alejandro is the former Civil Society Lead Chair of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee, a global organization of reformers inside and outside government from 76 countries and 106 local governments promoting accountable, responsive, and inclusive governance. He is the founder and former Executive Director of GESOC, a think tank based in Mexico City working to enhance accountable, effective and responsive policies in the areas of fiscal governance, social development, and human rights through an open and evidence-informed policy approach.  

He is also the co-founder and board member of influential fiscal, social justice, and open governance coalitions in Mexico such as the Accountability Network, the Collective for Transparency, the Collective for Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability (Colectivo PESO), and Nosotrxs (We).  

Alejandro is also a Lecturer of postgraduate courses on public policy at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. He holds an MBA Public Service degree from the School of Public Policy of University of Birmingham in the UK and a PhD in public administration from the Institute of Public Administration in Mexico. Prior to joining the World Justice Project, Alejandro was Senior Partner of VSD Consultores and International Consultant in evaluation and enhancement of social protection systems for the World Bank in several regions, including Latin America and the Caribbean.