Please see the World Justice Forum 2019 event website for post-conference information including reports, multimedia, and working sessions summaries.

The World Justice Forum is the premier international event for the rule of law. Join global and community leaders - from an array of sectors and interests - as they share insights, explore strategies, and develop solutions for advancing peace, equity, and opportunity.

The Rule of Law for All

Effective rule of law helps reduce corruption, improve public health, enhance education, alleviate poverty, and protect people from injustices large and small. Promoting the rule of law is therefore a key objective for citizens, governments, businesses, and civil society organizations in every corner of the globe. The World Justice Forum provides a trusted, significant platform to advance the rule of law worldwide.

Influencers, Experts, and Advocates

Forum attendees and delegations are proactively cultivated from civil society, corporate, government, and academic circles of influence worldwide. Past attendees have included thought leaders, senior executives, ministers and heads of state, high court justices, researchers, and other leading lights from the private and public sectors.

Current Issues, Active Participation

The rule of law is essential to everyone, not only lawyers and judges. WJP curates topics that reflect current, relevant issues affecting economic, political, and human development worldwide.

Unlike many conferences, participants themselves are the focus of the majority of each day's sessions. Rule of law advocates from around the world share their experiences in dynamic environments, workshopping ideas for advancing rule of law in their communities.

Ample space is built into the schedule for learning innovative approaches and essential skills; encountering old colleagues and making new contacts; exploring new technologies; developing global networks of advocates and resources; and recounting local successes and challenges in the effort to advance rule of law.