New research offers pivotal insights into the justice gap, varied justice journeys, the economics of access to justice, and SDG Indicator 16.3.3

The WJP has produced the WJP Justice Data Graphical Report I, a comprehensive statistical analysis based on the WJP Global Legal Needs Survey and other sources. The report addresses, first, stakeholders that operate on the global stage, to continue making the case for people-centered justice at that level; second, stakeholders that operate at the country level, in order to inform policy making. To this end, country-level findings are then aggregated to provide global-level messages on the status of access to justice.

The findings of the WJP Justice Data Graphical Report I include an analysis of how economic development influences legal problems; a stocktaking of SDG indicator 16.3.3 for 62 countries; country-level estimations of the justice gap for 104 countries; and an enhanced national-level analysis of the economic costs of legal problems in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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