The World Justice Project is starting a new and multi-year project to produce people-centered indicators to assess justice, governance, and the rule of law in the European Union at the subnational level.


Good governance and effective rule of law build trust among citizens and between citizens and government. They provide the rules-based framework that countries utilize to realize their social and economic potential. The rule of law is one of the common values upon which the European Union (EU) is founded and represents a constitutional priority shared by all Member States (Article 2 of the Treaty on EU). The construction and maintenance of the rule of law requires specific and evidence-informed solutions at the national and subnational levels, taking into account people’s perspectives and experiences.

With this in mind, the World Justice Project (WJP) is starting a new project to generate and disseminate people-centered indicators to assess justice, governance, and the rule of law in the EU at the subnational level. Data will be collected in and analyzed for 110 territorial regions across the 27 EU countries.   WJP will produce this data and analysis building upon the tested and proven methodologies of the WJP Rule of Law Index and the WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index, with adaptations to reflect the institutional architecture in the EU.

The EU Subnational Indicators will be calculated using responses from a general population poll and qualified respondents’ questionnaire administered at the NUTS1/NUTS2 levels, and will be complemented by third-party data, when available. These indicators will provide an overview of how government institutions perform based on the experiences and perceptions of people living in different regions of the EU when they interact with authorities from different levels. This information will facilitate region-to-region comparisons, identifying strengths and weaknesses in each of them as well as best practices and policies that can become reference points. The WJP plans to conduct data collection during 2023 and will launch a graphical report and communication materials in 2024, and an online platform soon after.

This project is funded by the EU and will complement other research activities being conducted by the WJP with the mission of advancing the rule of law worldwide.

Our first data will publish later in 2024. 

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