Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Plenary Keynote Panel: "The Importance of Credible, Independent Reporting in a Polarized Political Climate" 

  • MODERATOR: Mr. Ethan Bronner, Senior Editor, Bloomberg News (USA)
  • Ms. Najiba Ayubi, Managing Director, Killid Group (Afghanistan)
  • Mr. Turkey Representative, Committee to Protect Journalists (Turkey)
  • Prof. John Temple, Associate Adjunct Professor and Managing Editor, Investigative Reporting Program, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California - Berkeley (USA)

Political polarization continues to rise in many countries around the world. At the same time, the media industry has experienced profound shifts in the way news is produced, delivered, and consumed. In this climate of distrust and fragmented viewpoints, accurate and unbiased reporting is more important than ever. Panelists will explore the effect of polarized political climates and discuss the social undercurrents that have provoked suspicion of the media and the rise of fake news. Panelists from countries under increased threat and countries facing persistent suppression will offer practical solutions to defending freedoms of speech and the press and share strategies on maintaining independence and credibility.

Video: "Plenary Keynote Panel: The Importance of Credible, Independent Reporting in a Polarized Political Climate"

Working Sessions II - Skills Development

Attendees will have the opportunity to benefit from expert advice and assistance with their program ideas at small workshop sessions. A variety of experts will focus on challenges including how to work effectively with the media, tips to register a new organization, fundraising strategies, etc. Participants may attend any expert session that will be beneficial.

  1. "Finding Champions To Advance Your Cause and Accelerate Your Work," Celes Eckerman, Co-Founder, Galvanize Partners (USA)
  2. "Communicating Complex Rule of Law Issues to Different Audiences & Media," Patrick Goodness, CEO, The Goodness Company 
  3. "Measuring Justice: Tools & Technology from HiiL's Justice Innovation Lab," Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law (Netherlands)
  4. "Global Legal Inclusion: Legal Empowerment for the Legally Excluded," Patricia van Nispen tot Sevenaer, Microjustice4All (Netherlands)
  5. "Worth A Thousand Words: Responsible Photography & Social Media for ROL Programs," Deborah Espinosa, Principal, Same Sky Consulting (USA) 
  6. "Out of the Box Rule of Law: Using Technology and Psychology to Improve Your ROL Work," Nathalie Tran, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (Poland) 

Brown Bag Luncheon: Participant-Led Sessions 

  1. "Constitution-Building in Post-Conflict Societies," Sumit Bisarya, International IDEA (Netherlands) Africa, Level 0
  2. "The Rule of Law for Human Rights in ASEAN: The Path to Integration," Aviva Nababan, Governing Board Member of the Human Rights Resource Center (Indonesia) Europe 1, Level 0
  3. "Developing Digital Identities for Stateless Refugees," Jeff Aresty, Institute, Inc. (USA) South America, Level 0
  4. "Enabling Investment and Innovation: The Critical Role of the Rule of Law for Gender and the Environment," Irum Ahsan, Asian Development Bank (Philippines) Oceania, Level 0
  5. "Sexual Orientation - from Law to Practice," Wim Monasso, The Hague Platform for Sexual Diversity (Netherlands) Europe 2, Level 0
  6. "UNSDG 16: How to Measure and Monitor Progress," Marcel Smits, Institute for Economics and Peace (Netherlands) Antarctica, Level 0
  7. "Developing Guides to Administrative Law for Government Decision-Makers," Dr. Jan van Zyl Smit, Bingham Centre for Rule of Law (UK) Central America, Level 0

Concurrent Topical Panels II

A. Responding to the Growing Global Refugee Crisis: The Rule of Law for All? 

  • MODERATOR: Amb. David Pressman, Partner, Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP (USA)
  • Mr. Jared Genser, Managing Director, Perseus Strategies, LLC (USA)
  • Ms. Linda Klein, President, American Bar Association (USA)
  • Ms. Elisa Massimino, President and CEO, Human Rights First (USA)
  • Mr. Thihan Myo Nyun, Center for Diversity and National Harmony (Myanmar)

The debate surrounding the growing global refugee crisis has brought a critical rule of law tension into sharp focus: the potential conflict between protecting the human rights of refugees and ensuring the safety and freedoms of host country citizens. This panel will explore different perspectives in examining the refugee crisis, and consider what the rule of law requires from the response of the global community. Panelists will discuss specific areas of tension and seek to identify balanced solutions that honor the rule of law from all perspectives.

Video: "Responding to the Growing Global Refugee Crisis: The Rule of Law for All?" 

B. Using Investigative Journalism to Promote the Rule of Law 

  • MODERATOR: Mr. John Nery, Editor-in-Chief, (Philippines)
  • Mr. Dino Jahić, Editor-in-Chief, Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia - (CINS) (Serbia)
  • Mr. Andrew Mambondiyani, Investigative Reporter (Zimbabwe)
  • Ms. Robin McDowell, Reporter, Associated Press (USA)
  • Ms. Robin Wright, Joint Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Contributing Writer, The New Yorker (USA)

This panel will showcase the work of investigative journalists using their trade to advance the rule of law in countries all over the world. Panelists will describe their investigations, talk about what motivated them to take action, and highlight the intense efforts it takes to bring their stories to light. Participants will consider the role of investigative reporting in the current global landscape and how to apply these lessons to their own rule of law efforts. Participants will leave the session inspired to scrutinize and speak out on injustice in their own communities.

Video: "Using Investigative Journalism to Promote the Rule of Law"

C. The Counter-Terrorism Challenge: Competing Narratives on Freedom and Security

  • MODERATOR: Prof. David Caron, Judge, Iran-United States Claims Tribunal and Professor of International Law, King's College London (UK)
  • Dr. Joshua A. Geltzer, Executive Director and Visiting Professor of Law, Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, Georgetown University Law Center (USA)
  • Prof. dr. Marieke de Goede, Professor of Political Science, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Dr. Cian Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Public International Law, University of Bristol (UK)

The debate surrounding common counter-terrorism policy options has triggered two competing narratives. The first narrative stresses the importance of restoring citizens’ sense of national security in the face of persistent threats. The second narrative focuses on ensuring that citizens’ individual freedoms and personal privacy are not sacrificed in the name of public safety. This panel will explore the difficulties that governments face in determining their counter-terrorism policy and the negative impact of counter-terrorism measures which are not in accordance with international human rights standards. Panelists will discuss the two narratives and highlight how effective counter-terrorism measures and the protection of human rights are not conflicting goals but complementary and mutually reinforcing ones, and identify best practices in this regard.

Video: "The Counter Terrorism Challenge: Competing Narratives on Freedom and Security"

D. From Mobile Apps to Big Data: Technology to Promote the Rule of Law 

  • MODERATOR: Mr. Jeff Aresty, President, Institute (USA)
  • Hon. Abdulla AJ Al-Majid, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice (UAE)
  • Mr. Wilfried De Wever, Head of Justice Accelerator, Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (Netherlands)
  • Mr. Carter Draper, Director of Information Technology, iLab Liberia (Liberia)
  • Mr. Amir Sokolowski, Chief Partnerships Officer ​& Senior Legal Analyst, Legal Atlas (UK)
  • Ms. Marietje Schaake, Member, European Parliament (Netherlands) –Pre-recorded address

Harnessing the power of modern technology can create vast gains for the rule of law. This panel will share practical, inventive ideas that leverage technology to effectively address rule of law challenges. The panel will feature a mix of government, civil society, and private sector approaches. Government speakers will address how they are using technology to improve governance, service delivery, and communications with the public. Civil society and private sector speakers will highlight technological approaches to mobilizing civic action, raising public awareness and understanding of government behaviour, and creating public-private partnerships for change.

Video: From Mobile Apps to Big Data: Technology to Promote the Rule of Law

Presentation of the WJP Rule of Law Award and the Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism

Read the announcement: "Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) Wins 2017 WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism"

Video: "Presentation of the WJP Rule of Law Award and the Anthony Lewis Prize"

Plenary Keynote Conversation

  • Mr. Jelte van Wieren, Director of the Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (Netherlands)

Video: "Plenary Keynote Conversation with Jelte van Wieren"

Reception honoring Rule of Law Award and Anthony Lewis Prize Winners

Evening Events

  • Film Screening: "Tickling Giants" 
  • Coffeehouse / Open Microphone 
    • HOSTS: Mrs. Lesley Rosenthal, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (USA) and Mr. Ted Rosenthal, Jazz Pianist/Composer; Faculty, The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music (USA)

Photos: Daniel Maissan for World Justice Project