A WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism Event

Recorded June 11, 2020


    • John Nery, Columnist and former editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer (moderator)
    • Carroll Bogert, President, The Marshall Project
    • Nishant Lalwani, Managing Director, Luminate
    • Pavla Holcová, Central Europe Editor, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and founder of investigace.cz

    Vigorous reporting and a free, open press play a vital role in preserving the rule of law by holding the powerful to account and protecting the public’s right to know. This has never been more true than today, with authoritarianism on the rise worldwide, growing instances of media harassment and capture, and a global pandemic triggering—or simply giving cover to—increasing press restrictions and crackdowns. 

    These trends are underscored by World Justice Project's latest research. For the third year in a row, the 2020 WJP Rule of Law Index reported more countries' rule of law scores declining than improving, continuing a negative slide toward weakening and stagnating rule of law in established democracies as well as less free states. The biggest declines were seen in the areas of constraints on government powers, absence of corruption, and fundamental rights. This includes the media’s independence and freedom to report on and criticize government policies, a cornerstone check to undemocratic rule.

    This online event will feature journalists and experts from around the world with a first-hand view into these troubling dynamics. The webinar will also highlight the winner of the 2020 WJP Anthony Lewis Journalism Prize, whose corruption investigation sparked reform in Slovakia. The panelists will discuss the importance of media freedom, the critical role investigative journalists play in uncovering corruption and promoting open societies, and how to promote an independent press when freedom of expression is under threat.

    The WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism acknowledges journalists from around the world who have contributed to increased awareness and understanding of the foundational importance of the rule of law.



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