World Justice Forum Report 2019


Our work to realize "Justice for All" has never been more timely. At the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), governments presented progress reports on achieving Goal 16: peace, justice, and strong institutions. The glaring justice gap of 5.1 billion people with unmet justice needs underlines the significant work still required to achieve not only Goal 16 but also the entire SDG agenda.

In this context, The World Justice Project is excited to share its World Justice Forum Report 2019, reflecting the rich discussions that occurred over the course of the World Justice Forum, April 29 to May 2 in The Hague, Netherlands. As you'll see, the Forum highlighted the scope and character of unmet justice needs around the world, showcased innovative and evidence-based approaches to people-centered solutions, demonstrated the value of multi-disciplinary collaboration, and motivated new commitments to action. You can download the Forum report below as well as summaries of each of the 44 working sessions that took place, and learn more about the report here.

As we saw through our World Justice Challenge and exhibition space in The Hague, the justice community is developing innovative approaches to close the justice gap and deserves much greater financial and political support to bring access to justice to all. As we approach the UN Summit on the SDGs in September, we also need to continue encouraging more commitments to accelerate implementation of Goal 16 through initiatives ranging from data collection and legal reforms to protecting justice defenders in the field. 

We hope the World Justice Forum in 2019 will be seen as a key milestone on the road to justice for all, and we welcome your commitment and feedback to this common endeavor. 


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