The World Justice Project (WJP) is a resource for the global rule of law movement, and nowhere does it play this role more emphatically than at the World Justice Forum, a biennial convening of our movement for shared learning, inspiration, and action. In 2019, WJP devoted its Forum to the global effort to deliver on the promise of "justice for all" of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 16. Access to justice is a fundamental component of rule of law, and the failure of justice systems to meet justice needs compounds inequality and erodes trust in institutions.

The 2019 Forum gathered our community for a challenging and inspiring four days to strengthen our understanding of the justice gap, identify solutions, and motivate action for change. The World Justice Forum Report 2019 reflects the rich discussions that occurred over the course of this conference. You can download the report below, as well as insightful summaries of each of the Forum's 44 working sessions.

Download the report: