World Justice Challenge 2021 Community Forum


The World Justice Challenge 2021 Community Forum is an online space to exchange knowledge, raise awareness, and drive action on rule of law issues and solutions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 




The just-launched World Justice Challenge 2021 Community Forum is a new online space for the rule of law community working on the themes of the 2021 World Justice Challenge—access to justice, fundamental rights and nondiscrimination, accountable governance, and anti-corruption and open governance. The Community Forum is your way to engage directly with finalist projects, share knowledge, and drive action on rule of law issues and solutions. Join the community to:

  • Ask Questions to Finalists: Community members will be able to ask questions directly to World Justice Challenge finalists as they prepare to vote for a winner of one of six cash prizes.
  • Network with the Rule of Law Community: Community members will be able to network with peers from around the world to compare notes on common challenges and solutions.
  • Share Resources: Community members will be able to share and view resources and events of interest.

Join the discussion and help us build stronger rule of law values, institutions, and communities around the world during this time of crisis. 

Community Forum

Meet the Finalists

This year, WJP and its thematic partners have selected 30 finalists from a pool of 425 submissions from 114 countries. These projects were chosen for their demonstrated impact in advancing the rule of law in four thematic areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: access to justice for allaccountable governancefundamental rights and non-discrimination, and anti-corruption and open government. An additional ten projects were chosen as Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to all of them!





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A finger pushing back against blocks that say "autocracy" so that they say "democracy"

The American Bar Association’s International Law Section recently convened a panel to discuss the global impact of U.S. Democracy under fire as part of its annual “Rule of Law Webathon.” World Justice Project Executive Director Elizabeth Andersen joined the Hon. Andre M. Davis, U.S. Circuit Judge (ret.), U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, Cass R. Sunstein, professor at Harvard Law School, and Scott Carlson, associate executive director of global programs for the American Bar Association in a robust discussion about how lawyers can help prevent further backsliding of democracy.  The panel was moderated by the Hon. Delissa A. Ridgway of the U.S. Court of International Trade. 

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An illustration of people interacting with the justice system

WJP Executive Director Elizabeth Andersen recently addressed the American Bar Association’s “Putting People first: People-Centered Justice at Home and Abroad” conference in Washington DC. Andersen used her remarks to define the unmet justice needs experienced by billions around the world and explain how people-centered justice can bridge the justice gap. 

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Gente sale a la calle para protestar en Guayaquil, Ecuador en 2015. Crédito de la foto Michael Müller/iStock

WASHINGTON, 17 de mayo de 2023 - La mayoría de la población de América Latina y el Caribe consideran que su gobierno utiliza la desinformación para moldear la opinión pública a su favor.  Este es sólo un indicio del autoritarismo y de la desconfianza generalizada en los gobiernos de la región, según se desprende de 26 nuevos reportes nacionales sobre el Estado de Derecho publicados hoy por el World Justice Project (WJP).  "Estos reportes representan las voces de las personas en toda América Latina y el Caribe y en cómo perciben y experimentan el Estado de Derecho", dijo Elizabeth Andersen, Directora Ejecutiva del WJP.  "Estamos más contentos que nunca de compartir más datos de nuestras encuestas para ayudar a las diversas partes interesadas a identificar las debilidades del Estado de derecho y desarrollar políticas para hacerles frente." 

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People marching in protest in central streets of Córdoba, Argentina, 2014. Credit: Andres Ruffo/iStock

WASHINGTON May 17, 2023 – The majority of people in Latin America and the Caribbean believe their government is using misinformation to shape public opinion in their favor.  That’s just one indication of authoritarianism and widespread mistrust of government in the region, as captured in 26 new Rule of Law country reports released today by the World Justice Project (WJP).   “These reports represent the voices of the people across Latin America and the Caribbean and how they perceive and experience the rule of law,” said WJP Executive Director Elizabeth Andersen.  “We are excited to share more of our survey data than ever before, to help diverse stakeholders pinpoint rule of law weaknesses and develop policies to address them.” 

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