The World Justice Project's Resource Hub is a searchable directory of leading organizations working on rule of law issues worldwide.

The WJP Resource Hub was built to connect ordinary people as well as practitioners and experts to local and regional organizations working on government accountability, human rights, security, access to justice, anti-corruption, open government, and other issues related to the rule of law.

The directory currently contains more than 2,700 organizations representing 62 countries, and will expand to cover 80 countries in early 2020 (and eventually all countries included in the WJP Rule of Law Index). This online resource features organizations that are highly-regarded and prepared to be responsive to citizen inquiries in a local context. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, and the limited number of listings necessarily means local institutions are prioritized over international entities. Multinational organizations are searchable under the geographic search function by selecting “International."


Organizations in the Resource Hub are assigned to one or more of the WJP Rule of Law Index factors, depending on the focus of their work. Organizations are listed by name in their native language and in English. In addition, each entry includes the organization’s logo, a website hyperlink, and a brief description of their mission.

The research process to identify these organizations began with WJP’s existing network of local rule of law practitioners around the world. This network has been built over the past 10 years through national, regional, and international convenings; data collection for the WJP Rule of Law Index; local program incubation; and other activities promoting the rule of law. Additional organizations were identified through desk research and referrals. To ensure that the information is accurate, featured organizations are reviewed by local experts in each country for their feedback. 

Finally, WJP notified the listed organizations, who provided feedback on their information and the Resource Hub in general. They will also provide WJP with updates to ensure the Hub remains accurate.

The World Justice Project would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the research and development of the Resource Hub: Esra Ballkabasioglu, Nabiha Chowdhury, Sophie Clarke, Courtney Erwin, Heena Gupta, Vanessa Hunsberger, Rashvin Kaur, Joanna Lim, Mohammad Mujeeb, Tia Nelson, Kamal Pokhrel, Lina Maria Reyes, Jinni Tran, Maria Voskobitova, and Keyvan Zamani.


If you wish to nominate an organization (even your own) for the WJP Resource Hub, please contact us at the email address below. Send a description of the organization, why you think it should be considered for listing, and a link to the organization's website for our review. 


We welcome your comments at [email protected]