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Organization Name Organization Name (Local Language) Country Factors Organization Description
&PROUD Myanmar Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

It is an initiative of Colors Rainbow, YG, and Abadi Art. Their goal is to create a greater understanding and awareness concerning LGBT rights, as well as strengthening bonds within the community. They organize art and cultural events, such as film festivals and photography exhibitions.

19/29 Foundation Содружество журналистов-расследователей - Фонд 19/29 Russia Open Government (Factor 3)

Works to enforce freedom of expression and of the press, along with providing legal assistance to journalists in need and technical assistance and training to aspiring and confirmed professionals.

4T Center - Vietnam Youth Education Support Center Trung tâm Hỗ trợ Giáo dục Thanh thiếu niên Việt Nam Vietnam Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

A social organization in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the mission of education support and comprehensive development for Vietnamese Youth. Their landmark project focused on the meaning of corruption and fighting corruption.

50/50 Group of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

It works to achieve equal representation in public life by increasing women’s participation in democratic politics through training, advocacy, and the strengthening of their capacities in governance processes. Their programs are directed towards organized women's groups, local councilors, and traditional and religious leaders.

A Window to Freedom Una Ventana a la Libertad Venezuela Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Founded in 1997 to promote and defend the rights of prisoners in Venezuela through legislative proposals and public policies, it monitors the penal system and disseminates information and research concerning the situation of Venezuela's prisons.

ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) - Judicial Strengthening to Build Court Effectiveness (JUSTICE) program  Philippines Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

The JUSTICE program combats court ineffectiveness and ABA ROLI, in close collaboration with local partners, such as the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Office of Government Corporate Counsel and the Intellectual Property Office, is implementing targeted interventions to make the Philippine justice system more responsive, reliable and efficient.

ABAAD أبعاد Lebanon Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable peace, democracy and social and economic development in the MENA region through equality, protection, direct service provision and empowerment of marginalized groups, especially women.

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada La Coalition pour le droit à l'avortement au Canada Canada Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It is a nationwide political pro-choice group that works to ensure women's reproductive freedom by defending abortion rights and fostering access to health services.

Above Ground Canada Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It promotes corporate accountability for companies based in Canada or supported by the Canadian state. It works in collaboration with human rights organizations in Canada and abroad, and it facilitates legal assistance and policy research to inform analysis and coordinated actions.

Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority جهاز أبو ظبي للمحاسبة United Arab Emirates Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

Promotes accountability and transparency in the public sector, specifically government departments, local councils and all companies or projects in which the government owns more than a 50 per cent share.

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce (ADCCI) غرفة أبو ظبي United Arab Emirates Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

Contributes to developing, organizing, and supporting commercial and trade activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, primarly through building competive capabilities of private sector companies in partnership with public governmental entities.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center مركــــز أبوظبي للتوفيق والتحكيم التجاري United Arab Emirates Civil Justice (Factor 7)

Created by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), acts as an alternative justice platform aiming to resolve national and international commercial disputes in accordance with international arbitration standards.

Abyssinia Law Ethiopia Open Government (Factor 3), Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

It is an online free-access resource for Ethiopian legal information such as Supreme Court decisions, policy documents, and research documents, among others. The initiative was founded by the Liku Worku Law Office and is a member of the World Free Access to Legal Movement.

Academic Institute for Peace, Democracy and Security Instituto Universitario en Democracia, Paz y Seguridad Honduras Open Government (Factor 3), Order and Security (Factor 5)

Has developed an observatory of violence and trains children, families and citizens in general on reduction of violence and leadership mechanisms.

Academy for Peace and Development Georgia Order and Security (Factor 5)

Works to involve youth in policy development on conflict resolution, peace processes and development, in monitoring policy and creating active participation.

Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of State and Law Viện Nhà nước và Pháp luật Vietnam Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

The basic function of the Institute is to study fundamental issues related to State and Law; to provide the scientific evidence for making strategies and policies which are used for the development and building State and law.

ACCEPT Romania Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Works to defend the rights of the LGBTI community in Romania, through policy recommendations, lobbying and strategic litigation.

Accept International 法人アクセプト・インターナショナル Japan Order and Security (Factor 5)

It uses peaceful methods to educate young people and adults on terrorism and conflict prevention. It works in China, Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia. Its headquarters are located in Japan, where their work is focused on overcoming issues concerning human relations in schools and elderly communities.

Access to Information (ATI) Unit Jamaica Open Government (Factor 3), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

Works to develop transparency and access to information mechanisms for the government and inform citizens about accounta bility and access to information.

Access to Justice - A2Justice Nigeria Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

It is an advocacy group working to guarantee equal and non-discriminatory access to justice, and to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the judiciary. Their initiatives include the Legal Resource Programme, the Legal Access Programme, and the Judicial Integrity and Independence Programme.

Access to Justice Law Centre Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Civil Justice (Factor 7)

It provides legal advice and representation through paralegal services, community dialogue, and community justice programs.

Access to Justice: Venezuelan Observatory of Justice Acceso a la Justicia: Observatorio Venezolano de la Justicia Venezuela Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Open Government (Factor 3), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Access to Justice is an independent and private civil association founded in 2010 by a group of Venezuelans committed to the defense of justice, the rule of law, the separation of powers, judicial independence, democracy, freedom, and human rights in Venezuela.

Accountability Institute South Africa (AISA) South Africa Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

Works to promote good standards on accountability for NGOs, government and business, in order to promote ethics and transparency.

Accountability Network Red por la Rendicion de Cuentas Mexico Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

Works to develop a network of organizations and academics to create a system of accountability and checks and balances in Mexico, through the promotion of the National Anticorruption system and the reform of the Transparency Act.

Accountability Round Table Australia Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

A non-partisan round table discussing ways to improve transparency and democratic pratices within the Australian government.