This program created a rule of law and civic engagement curriculum to address the lack of practical education on issues related to citizenry, rights, and values in Argentina. Through this program, FORES trained 60 teachers at 25 schools in marginalized communities, reaching more than 40,000 students.


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Despite the various reforms the Argentine education system has undergone in recent years, civic education is still lagging. The quality of education, particularly in public schools, has stagnated and therefore, civic education has suffered. A lack of practical education and training on issues related to citizenry, rights, values, and the rule of law has led to apathy and the further erosion of an already tenuous societal participation in public affairs. This situation is serious, as it marginalize vast sectors of youth, pushing them towards drugs and crime.

Program Summary

To address these issues, Foro de Estudios sobre la Administración de Justicia (FORES) led a civic education initiative in Argentina to create a curriculum and training programs for teachers.


As a result of the program, a curriculum on the concept of the rule of law and civic engagement was created and integrated into 25 schools to reach youth in marginalized communities. Educational curricula were developed, 60 teachers were trained, and some 40,000 students were instructed on the rule of law. The project has built an enabling environment for a more inclusive, fair and democratic society.


FORES was the lead partner, working in collaboration with well-recognized and experienced institutions including:

  • Fundacion Compromiso
  • Interrupción
  • Argentine universities

Program Details

Latin America & Caribbean
Education, Human Rights, Youth