On the eve of the December 1 inauguration of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador and transition of power in Mexico, the World Justice Project (WJP) is pleased to release the WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 in English. First published in Spanish in October of 2018, The Index is the first comprehensive, citizen-based measurement of the rule of law in Mexico, capturing the experiences and perceptions of over 25,000 people in 32 states in the country.

With a transition of power comes a needWJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 Map Flyer for diagnosis: where do things stand in Mexico today, and what have current policies brought to fruition?  An essential factor in this determination, the rule of law is internationally recognized as fundamental in guaranteeing peace, justice, human rights, effective democracy, and sustainable development. It affects essential aspects of everyday life and helps societies to collectively organize. In Mexico, violence, corruption, and impunity affect millions of Mexicans and are a testament to the lack of mechanisms to guarantee the fulfillment of norms for an effectively organized society and government.

The WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 illustrates these and more rule of law issues facing Mexico’s states in 2019 and beyond. It presents new data organized into eight factors of the rule of law, with factor scores that reflect the perceptions and experiences of over 25,000 people across Mexico and over 1,500 specialists, in addition to a variety of third-party survey databases related to rule of law topics. Learn more about survey collection for the Index in the video below.

Now available in English after its October 2018 launch, results of this report offer insight into differences across Mexican states that are the result of different realities, challenges, and successes of public policies. The Index provides rich data and information to inform the design of public policies, and with future iterations will provide a reference tool to evaluate the performance of Mexican state authorities over time. Download the report below, explore the interactive data at index.worldjusticeproject.mx, and learn more about the Index on our YouTube page.



In Mexico's 32 states, surveyors for the General Population Poll (GPP) captured the experiences and perceptions of over 25,000 people on rule of law issues including corruption, fundamental rights, access to justice, and more. In this video, surveyors share their experiences of this process.


The WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 is the first sub-national index produced by the WJP and is one of the most complete measurements of institutional performance in the country. In this video, learn more about the methodology behind the Index.

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