WJP Executive Director Juan Carlos Botero will speak at the World Economic Forum on Latin America on April 7, 2017, on a panel focused on corruption. This session, entitlted Fighting Corruption: The New Way Forward, will take place in Buenos Aires at 14:30 GMT, and will focus on the future of opposing corruption in Latin America. A webcast of the event will be available here.

Planned topics for the panel include: 

  • Embracing behavioural and cultural change
  • Ensuring public-private alignment to mainstream transparency
  • Advancing regional solutions to transnational crime

Also on the panel will be:

  • Dr. Eber Omar Betanzos Torres, Under-secretary of Public Administration of Mexico
  • Jose Bonifacio Borges de Andrada, Vice-Prosecutor General of Brazil
  • Alejandro Guerrero, Corporate Country Officer, MMC Argentina
  • Alberto Bello, Editorial Director, News and Business News, Grupo Editorial Expansion, Mexico


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