2017 Anthony Lewis Prize

The 2017 competition is now open for the Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism - applications & nominations are due May 28th, 2017

The WJP Anthony Lewis Prize acknowledges journalists from around the world who have contributed to increased awareness and understanding of the foundational importance of the rule of law.

Help us find and recognize outstanding reporting on issues such as:

  • Human / Civil Rights
  • Access to Justice
  • Open Government
  • Corruption 
  • Crime & Criminal Justice
  • Other Rule of Law Issues

The $10,000 USD prize is open to journalists worldwide - nominate others or apply yourself!

Follow updates on social media: #LewisPrize

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Photo by: Mauricio Palos

In the first two weeks of its release, the gripping Netflix docuseries Reasonable Doubt: A Tale of Two Kidnappings became one of the most watched shows in Mexico and a trending program in the United States. It follows the nightmarish ordeal of four men who face an ever-morphing series of criminal charges despite a startling lack of evidence and recanted eyewitness testimony. 

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standing for the rule of law 2021

  In a year of enormous rule of law challenges around the globe, the World Justice Project sounded the alarm that 85% of the world’s population now live in countries where rule of law is declining. Throughout 2021, WJP worked to track and reverse these trends.

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