The World Justice Forum is just the beginning...


The city of The Hague in the Netherlands is home to more than 200 international organizations, including the International Court of Justice. This makes it the ideal setting for the World Justice Forum, the premier international event for advancing rule of law around the globe. The World Justice Forum runs from May 30-June 3, but your experience doesn’t have to start or end there, as it is the anchor event for The Hague Justice Week 2022 running throughout the city.

Highlights from the week include:

The World Justice Forum – May 30 – June 3

World Justice Forum 2022: Building More Just Communities will assemble hundreds of changemakers from around the world to advance equal rights, access to justice, anti-corruption strategies and open government. It will feature three days of plenary sessions, 37 working sessions to choose from and the World Justice Challenge competition. Explore the speakers and agenda to learn more.

(Location: World Forum, The Hague; online registration also available)


HagueTalks - How to Overcome Challenges in Reporting Justice – May 30  

Journalists from Africa and Ukraine will discuss the challenges that they’ve faced in their home countries when it comes to reporting about justice.  

The event will feature remarks from Janet Sankale, from Journalists for Justice; Oksana Kovalenko, from the online newspaper Babel in Ukraine; and Hossein Rezaye, an Afghan cartoonist from Kabul who will talk about the importance of freedom of expression. 

(Location: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, livestream available) 

HagueTalks - Resilience: Stories of Women Standing Up for Justice – June 1  

Women’s rights activists from around the world will share their personal stories about defending freedom of speech, tackling gender-based violence, and fighting for climate justice. Speakers include Camila de la Fuente, who promotes human rights through art in Mexico, Grace Acan, originally from Uganda and one of the founding members of SEMA- The Global Network of Victims and Survivors to End Wartime Sexual Violence, and Jane Meriwas, Executive Director of Samburu Women Trust in Kenya. 

(Location: International Development Law Organization, livestream available) 

Exhibit Opening: Resilience - Stories of Women Inspiring Change – June 1 


Image Credit: Pablo Tosco

This exhibit takes a selection of World Press Photo winners from 2000-2021 together in a single exhibit to explore the ways in which gender inequality continues to permeate societies around the world. 

Resilience: stories of women inspiring change will run until June 20 in The Hague and will travel around the world.  

(Location: Atrium, The Hague City Hall) 


Cartoon Movement Stand at Justice Expo – May 31 - June 2

Professional cartoonists from the Cartoon Movement will be at the World Justice Forum’s Justice Expo from May 31-June 2, showcasing pieces from the Just Speak! Exhibition happening at Atrium City Hall from May 3-20. For this exhibit, Cartoon Movement’s network of more than 600 professional cartoonists chose their favorite pieces to be displayed.  (Location: World Forum, The Hague)



World Justice Forum Side Events – June 3

These events are hosted by World Justice Forum partners and open to everyone registered for the Forum.

Launch of the UNDP Justice Futures CoLab
This is the first initiative of the UNDP’s 2022 Annual Meeting on Rule of Law and Human Rights, which aims to engage policymakers, practitioners, and thought leaders on what works and what doesn’t in the arena of global justice. (Location: World Forum and online) 

Study Visit to the Office of the Dutch National Ombudsman
During this visit, the Children’s Ombudsman and Veterans Ombudsman will speak with Forum participants about their work and what it means to ensure access to justice for all communities. (Location: Office of the Dutch National Ombudsman) 

Scaling Game-changers for People-Centered Justice
Organized by World Justice Forum partner HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law), this session will focus on what Forum participants can do to help bridge the justice gap in their home countries, building on a series of policy briefs that HiiL recently published. (Location: Online) 

More information is being added to The Hague Justice Week’s website on all the week’s events.

To get started planning your Justice Week experience, register for the World Justice Forum! 

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Rede Wayuri is a network of 55 Indigenous communicators in the Rio Negro region of Brazil. Through their use of WhatsApp and local radio, they have not only reported on topics like illegal mining in the Amazon, but also distributed accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.   At the World Justice Forum in The Hague this past June, Rede Wayuri was presented with the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Award for their outstanding work in countering disinformation by bringing accurate, reliable information to 23 Indigenous peoples and 750 communities in five local languages and Portuguese. 

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When I was taking off to attend my first World Justice Forum, I had every expectation that I would hear the brightest minds debating the most complex social issues of our time. I was ready to learn about challenges unknown to me, faced by communities outside of the United States. What I didn’t expect was to see so many effective and transformative solutions that had already been implemented across the globe. The Justice Expo was not a showcase of proposals, suggestions, or hypotheses. It was an inventors’ forum: a spectacular display of evidence that dramatic change and global healing are achievable through innovation.

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During the World Justice Forum, Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, founder of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM), called on the international community to save Afghan music, women musicians, and all Afghan musicians. He described the human rights that have been stripped away since the Taliban’s August 2021 takeover made Afghanistan a “silent nation.” You can read Dr. Sarmast’s full remarks from June 1, 2022, in The Hague below, edited for clarity, and watch a performance by ANIM students who now live in exile Portugal.  

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As one of Cambodia’s first human rights defenders, Vandeth recently made the difficult decision to stay home when the World Justice Project invited 30 World Justice Challenge finalists to showcase their exemplary rule of law projects at the World Justice Forum in The Hague.

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