Maurits Barendrecht

Ensuring the rule of law means people have access to justice. In a recent report, HiiL and its network of rule of law experts and innovators reviewed the state of the art. Legal needs research has shown that civil justice and administrative justice are delivered by a great many providers of services: public courts and private legal services; formal procedures and informal ones; traditional processes and innovative approaches. Together, these services provide access to justice, but providers of such services face some major challenges. Innovative approaches reveal five main strategies to overcome these challenges. The UN and other policy makers can play a major role in supporting these strategies.

Read more on the five strategies towards basic justice care here
This essay is part of the Innovations in the Rule of Law Report produced by the WJP and the Hiil. The report highlights innovations and insights through a series of concise papers by key experts and organisations in the area of rule of law. For more information, please visit the reports page here.
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