Take a tour of key findings from the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2023 ® in our virtual launch presentation.



  • Explore the rankings here.
  • Access the complete 2023 Rule of Law Index Report here.
  • Access the complete 2023 Rule of Law Index and "Insights” booklet here.  
  • We create a press release for every country considered in the WJP Rule of Law Index, available in different languages. See them here
  • Read the global press release here.


ABOUT THE WJP RULE OF LAW INDEX: The World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index® is the world’s leading source for original, independent data on the rule of law. Now covering 142 countries and jurisdictions, the Index relies on more than 149,000 household surveys and 3,400 legal practitioner and expert surveys to measure how the rule of law is experienced and perceived worldwide. Published annually since 2009 and subject to a rigorous methodology, the Index is used by governments, multilateral organizations, businesses, academia, media, and civil society organizations around the world to assess and address gaps in the rule of law.

ABOUT THE WORLD JUSTICE PROJECT: The World Justice Project (WJP) is an independent, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary organization working to create knowledge, build awareness, and stimulate action to advance the rule of law worldwide.   Effective rule of law reduces corruption, combats poverty and disease, and protects people from injustices large and small. It underpins development, accountable government, and respect for fundamental rights, and it is the foundation for communities of justice, health, opportunity, and peace.   The World Justice Project defines the rule of law as a durable system of laws, institutions, norms, and community commitment that delivers: accountability, just laws, open government, and accessible justice. Learn more about these four universal principles and our work at: www.worldjusticeproject.org.

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