Year: 2018

The WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 captures the experiences and perceptions of over 25,000 people in the 32 states of Mexico.

Over the past decade, the World Justice Project (WJP) has conducted interviews in over 100 countries to measure adherence to the rule of law from the citizen's point of view, producing data that brings light to the experiences and perceptions of people on issues including corruption, fundamental rights, and access to justice. The WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 is the first sub-national index produced by the WJP and is one of the most complete measurements of institutional performance in the country.

The WJP Mexico States Rule of Law Index 2018 uses the same conceptual framework and methodology to measure adherence to the rule of law in each of Mexico's 32 states that the WJP has used around the globe. The Index presents new data and indicators, which are organized into eight  factors and 42 sub-factors:  

  1. Constraints on Government Powers
  2. Absence of Corruption
  3. Open Government
  4. Fundamental Rights
  5. Order & Security
  6. Regulatory Enforcement
  7. Civil Justice
  8. Criminal Justice

This Index is unique in its kind. It uses information obtained first-hand from citizens to capture the voices of thousands of people in urban and rural areas in Mexico. Specifically, the Index uses over 600 variables generated from answers to a General Population Poll (GPP) of 25,600 people, answers to Qualified Respondents' Questionnaires (QRQs) administered to over 1,500 attorneys and experts in criminal law, civil law, labor law, and public health, and information produced by other institutions (third-party sources). 

The potential for application and impact of this Index is broad. It is a tool that may be used by legislators, civil society organizations, academia, and the media, among others, to identify strengths and weaknesses in each state, and promote public policies that strengthen the rule of law in Mexico.

Explore the interactive data at and learn more about the Index on our YouTube page.