Just Launched at the World Justice Forum! The Justice for All report from the Task Force on Justice makes the case for shifting from a model that provides justice for the few, to one that delivers justice for all. The launch of the report on Monday kicked off the World Justice Forum by defining the opportunity for the justice movement in 2019. With a new global estimate of the justice gap informed by the World Justice Project's Measuring the Justice Gap report, the Justice for All report makes the case for investment in justice and identification of strategies, tools and approaches to increase access to justice.

We invite you to learn more about the new global estimate of the justice gap in The Guardian and The Independent, watch the report launch, and download the Justice for All and Measuring the Justice Gap reports below. 

Get the Justice for All Report

Get the Measuring the Justice Gap Report

Watch the Report Launch:

Recorded Monday, April 29, 2019


Next at World Justice Forum

Participants from more than 75 countries and 320 organizations have joined us here in The Hague for the 2019 World Justice Forum. Focused on the theme "Realizing Justice for All," each day explores a separate topic: on Monday, we Defined the Opportunity for the justice movement in 2019 and beyond. Tuesday’s program will Showcase What Works. On Wednesday, participants will explore Building the Movement. The final day of the Forum will feature Commitments to Justice. Follow along for live updates and news at #WJForum on social media. 

Highlight Your Commitment to Justice

It's not too late to make a Commitment to Justice! Submit your Commitment to Justice to join the movement—and to spur others to action! Commitments will be featured on WJP’s website and at the World Justice Forum. Following the event WJP will coordinate registration of Commitments to Justice on the UN Partnerships for the SDGs’ global registry of voluntary commitments, where organizations can also post subsequent updates and progress reports.

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Out now, "Failed Justice: Prevalence of Torture in Mexico's Criminal Justice System" analyzes quantitative evidence of the cases of thousands of Mexican persons that are victims of torture or ill-treatment in Mexico while being accused and processed in the Mexican criminal justice (state and federal) systems.

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