Highlights from recent media coverage of the 2017-2018 WJP Rule of Law Index:


The Guardian: 'A crisis for human rights': new index reveals global fall in basic justice. 

"'The WJP's findings provide worrying confirmation that we live in very dangerous times for the rule of law and human rights,' said Murray Hunt, Director of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law."

Philstar: "Declining adherence to rule of law."

"But what the WJP finds worrisome is the decline in the rankings of 71 countries in upholding fundamental rights: such as the right to life and security, due process, absence of discrimination, freedom of expression and religion, right to privacy, freedom of association, and labor rights. Moreover, 64 countries did poorly in constraining government powers – which reaffirms the rising tide of autocratic regimes across the globe.”

Newsweek: "Worsening discrimination leads U.S. to drop in global ranking of fundamental human rights, report finds." 

“Researchers found that the U.S. did not fare well in the category of due process as Americans responded that they expect unfair treatment in the criminal justice system.In the area of fundamental rights, the U.S. scored below average compared to high-income countries like France and the United Kingdom”

Richard Branson for Virgin: "Why the rule of law matters"

"The Index provides a rule of law score for 113 countries, based on data gathered from more than 100,000 households and over 3,000 experts. The results are sobering, so much so that some observers speak of “a crisis for human rights”.

El Universal: "Mexico among the worst in rule of law"

"'Beyond the evaluations of each country, and beyond the 0.40 or 0.30, we want to reflect with this study the perceptions and what the people think and feel based on the experiences they have had. The study that we do is like a report card, in which the government can see what areas of opportunity exist and know into what it should put more energy,’ explained Leslie Solis, criminal justice analyst with the World Justice Project.”

"Layda Negrete, active member of the WJP, noted that studies such as these point the finger at the most delicate aspects of Rule of Law of a county and the public policies that address this item.” 

Animal Politico: "Insufficient investigations and corruption put Mexico in the last places of the Rule of Law Index"

"The Rule of Law Index 2017 - 2018 is executed on a global scale by the World Justice Project (WJP) and whose results are presented today in Washington shows that Mexico fell four places compared to 2016 and it is below countries like Russia, El Salvador, Iran, China or Vietnam."

Huffington Post Maghreb: "Global ranking of the rule of law: Tunisia gains 4 places in measurement of World Justice Project"

The American NGO World Justice Project (WJP), has published the Annual Report on the rule of law ( Rule of Law index ) for the period 2017-2018. The latter measures adherence to the rule of law in different countries from the perspective of ordinary people and their experiences, it is the most comprehensive data set to date.

Raconteur: "Protecting the rule of law from populist threats"

"The latest World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index shows that a majority of countries worldwide saw their scores decline in the areas of human rights, checks on government powers, and civil and criminal justice. The trend is deeply troubling."

Straits Times: "Singapore top Asian nation in rule of law ranking, and 13th globally"

"Observers said the findings were a useful reference to discuss the strengths of the local system and areas that could be improved. 'The positive outcomes voerall are not surprising, given there are serious and conscious efforts here to keep updated, stay nimble, and sustain the pace,' said lawyer Amolat Singh."

Rzeczpospolita: "Poland is worse in the ranking of rule of law" 

"The World Justice Project draws up a global ranking of the rule of law every year to two years. This comprehensive juxtaposition becomes extremely important now. The rule of law can become an important criterion for awarding money from the new EU budget after 2020."

Listin Diario: "Country lowers five points in the Rule of Law Index"

"With primary data, the WJP Rule of Law Index measures the performance of countries in terms of the rule of law. The Dominican Republic dropped five positions in the Rule of law Index, going from 85th place to 90th, out of a total of 113 countries."

My Joy Online: "Ghana beats South Africa to top Global Rule of Law Ranking in Africa"

"The 2017 World Justice Project (WJP) Global Rule of Law Ranking showed the country has witnessed an improvement in its governance the past year. In the report released Wednesday, Ghana had good scores in all eight criteria measured by the Washington-based organization." 

Madagascar Tribune: "Madagascar loses 8 places in the World Justice Project Index"

"With primary data, the WJP Rule of Law Index measures the performance and index of rule of law enforcement across countries through eight factors. Of the eight ranking factors, Madagascar is almost always one of the last." 

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