In 2019, the World Justice Project and our research products were featured in top media outlets around the globe, citing WJP Rule of Law Index scores, new research on access to justice and the global justice gap, key convenings for the justice agenda, and more. Explore the top articles you may have missed this year below, and discover more top media coverage in our media archive.


Study warns of global rise in autocratic leaders 'hijacking' laws for own ends

The Guardian | February 2019

Autocratic rule is on the rise throughout the world, with a growing number of authoritarian leaders “hijacking” laws to consolidate their own power [...]



Corruption and Violence Trouble Mexico in Global Rule of Law Index

Forbes Mexico | February 2019

Mexico dropped two places in the 2019 Rule of Law Index, ranking 99 of 126 countries, with low ratings on factors such as corruption and violence, according to a World Justice Project report. With a general evaluation of 0.45 (against 0.90 of Denmark, the best evaluated), Mexico lags behind the rule of law of countries like Liberia, which occupies the 97th place that Mexico held last year. [...]



The rule of law: Hong Kong vs China

South China Morning Post | August 2019

Discussion of the rule of law is not new to Hong Kong but the government’s attempt to pass a new extradition bill, which would have ultimately allowed the extradition of fugitives to mainland China and Taiwan, has caused fresh anxiety and sparked mass protests. [...]



Undermining Hong Kong Courts Is Bad for Business

Wall Street Journal | November 2019

If Beijing won’t let Hong Kong’s courts function as intended, the city’s standing as an international business and financial center is in trouble. [...]



Most of the world’s population have no access to basic justice. But the fix is easier than you think

The Independent | April 2019

Growing evidence shows more expenditure on people-centred justice delivers a high return on investment, while unresolved legal problems put huge strain on the economy [...]



Poor bear the brunt as global justice system fails 5.1 billion people – study

The Guardian | April 2019

Across the world, an estimated 5.1 billion people – two-thirds of the global population – are being failed by the justice system, a study has found. [...]


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The World Justice Project condemns the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, the latest in a string of killings of Black people in the United States that highlights the persistent challenge of systemic racism in its criminal justice system and society as a whole. 

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Dozens of recent books chronicle rising authoritarianism and question whether democracies can survive. What do these trends mean for international law and practice? Professor Tom Ginsburg joins us to discuss implications in contemporary policy contexts, including management of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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