Chairman, Instituto Libertad y Democracia (ILD)

Hernando de Soto is the President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy headquartered in Lima, Peru, a think tank considered by The Economist as one of the two most important think tanks in the world. Time Magazine has chosen him as one of the five leading Latin American innovators of the century. Forbes has chosen him as one of 15 innovators "who will reinvent your future". Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit described him as one of the most important development theoreticians of the last millennium. Forbes, Time and The Economist have chosen him on separate occasions as one of the leading innovators in the world. More than 20,000 readers of Prospect and Foreign Policy ranked him as one of the world's top 13 public intellectuals. He has served as President of the Executive Committee of the Copper Exporting Countries Organization, as CEO of Universal Engineering Corporation (one of Europe's largest consulting engineering firms), as a principal of the Swiss Bank Corporation Consultant Group, and also as a governor of Peru's Central Reserve Bank. Mr. de Soto has published several articles and papers on economic policy. He is the author of The Other Path: the Economic Answer to Terrorism, and his seminal work, The Mystery of Capital.