Kamel Ayadi is an international consultant and civil society activist in the fields of anti-corruption, ethics, governance, corporate social responsibility, and social accountability. He has served in a number of high-level positions, including Minister of Public Service, Governance, and Anti-corruption; Chair of the Authority on Financial and Administrative Control; Secretary of State; Senator; and Chair of the Regulatory Authority of Telecommunication.

He is a member of the Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption at Oxford University’s School of Government. After having served in leadership positions in numerous NGOs, including President of the Tunisian Order of Engineers, he was elected in October 2003 as the president of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO, 100 member countries). He also served for six years as the Founding Chair of its standing Committee on Anti-corruption.

He is the Founding Chair of the World Leadership and Ethics Institute, Founding Chair of the Tunisian Centre for Strategic Thinking on Economic Development. He is also the Founding Chair of the Global Infrastructure Anti-corruption Centre’s for the MENA region

Mr. Ayadi’s other memberships include: regional contact for Globethics; Strategy Council of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Development; United Nations Task Force for Science and Innovation; World Innovation Forum; Pan American Academy of Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Brookings Science and Technology Panel for the Arab Report on Science and Technology; Co-Chair of the UNESCO Task Force coordinating publication of the Engineering Report; and United Nations Civil Society Bureau for the World Summit on the Information Society. He has written more than 100 papers and lectured in more than 100 congresses in 70 countries