At the Youth Leaders panel at the World Justice Forum IV, panelists discussed the evolution of youth involvement in global affairs, investigated how large scale unemployment in youth populations contributes to economic and political instability, and explored what lies ahead as new technologies and voices emerge.

In response to growing challenges around the world, youth leaders are making an immediate impact in shaping the global agenda. What are the key ways in which today’s youth are most effective in creating dialogue among the civilian population? How are youth using their voices to make government accountable, and how effective are those voices in instigating long-term change? 



  • Jonathan Gosier, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Designer, TED Fellow, & Founder of metaLayer (USA)
  • Abdulsalam Haykal, Founder & CEO, Haykal Media, Transtek Systems, TMS Mobile (Syria)
  • Alfredo Romero, President, Foro Penal Venezolano (Venezuela)
  • Mary Shuttleworth, Founder, Youth for Human Rights International (South Africa)

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