Philanthropist, idealist, humanist, architect and photographer, Reza, as he is widely known, has been a photojournalist for National Geographic since 1991. He has crisscrossed over 100 countries, photographing conflicts, revolutions and human catastrophes, but also the beauty of humanity. 

His eyewitness accounts have appeared throughout the international media (National Geographic, Time Magazine, Stern, Newsweek, El Pais, Paris Match, Géo, etc.), but also in books, exhibitions and documentaries by his own agency, Webistan, created in 1992.

In 1983 Reza initiated photography training programs around the world, from the refugee camps in countries ravaged by war to the suburbs of Europe. In 2001 he founded Aina World, a new generation of NGO which is committed to children’s education and training women in the fields of communications and information.

Reza is deeply involved in the education of future generations. He divides his time between photography and training schemes, giving lectures and presentations and running workshops on global issues, as well as being a visiting professor. His humanitarian work and photojournalism have been acknowledged by international institutions and universities. For his dedication to humanitarian causes and because of his work with Aina in Afghanistan, Reza has received prestigious awards. In 2006, National Geographic awarded him the title of National Geographic Fellow.

Reza is the author of 25 books and collaborated this year with Qatar Foundation to illustrate the book Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work. 

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