Mr. John Edwin Mroz is the President and CEO of the EastWest Institute, a  leading  international policy organization  founded in 1980 to focus on collaborative and practical responses to the most critical threats to global peace and stability.  EWI is known for its action bias and results-driven mandate, its fierce independence, and recognized track-record of building trust and fostering collaborative teams which generate practical solutions.

Over thirty years, Mr. Mroz and his international team have made EWI the ‘go-to’ global hub of Track 2 diplomacy for governments, the private sector and international organizations.   Today EWI is the worldwide leader in fostering international cooperation in cyberspace, including its annual Worldwide Cybersecurity Summits (visit that bring policy, business, technology and law enforcement leaders from forty nations together to create cybersecurity rules of the road and push for solutions to practical problems. EWI’s deep, action-oriented work in regional cooperation and economic security and it special high-level engagement with China, Russia, India, Europe and the U.S. on high consequence issues distinguishes EWI from traditional think tanks.  

Mr. Mroz has served as advisor to more than twenty governments around the world and has been decorated for his work including Germany’s highest honor to a non-citizen for his role in the reunification of Germany.  He frequently contributes to Foreign Affairs and other publications and is the author of the acclaimed Beyond Security on the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Mr. Mroz lives in New York City with his wife Karen. He enjoys everything associated with ‘discovery’ and helping others. 

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