Mr. Hernando José Gómez Restrepo serves as Colombian Minister of Economic Planning and President of the Colombian Council of Competitiveness. Mr. Jose Gomez Restrepo has professional experience in central banking, public organizations and Policy Making. He had main responsibilities in macroeconomic programming, and in the design and implementation of economic and price stabilization programs, financial, coffee and housing sector policies. He served as Chief Negotiator for the Andean Free Trade Agreement. From April 2000 to December 2003, he participated in the mission of Colombia at the World Trade Organization (WTO), as Ambassador. Mr. Jose Gomez Restrepo served as the Head of mission and negotiations for Colombia at the WTO. He has been Director of Bancolombia S.A. since March 4, 2013.

Mr. Jose Gomez Restrepo served as Director of the National Planning Agency of Colombia since August, 2010. He has participated in launching the multilateral trade negotiation in Doha. He served as a Director of Ecopetrol SA since August 2010. Mr. Jose Gomez Restrepo served as a Member of several private and public institutions' Board of Directors. He has Degrees in Economics from Yale University including a M. Phil. and M.A. in Economics.

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