Ms. Caitlin D. Fisher is currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. A former professional athlete, she now works with a group called WomenChangeMakers and leads the Guerreiras Project.

Following her professional soccer career in Brazil, Sweden and the U.S., she joined the Nike Foundation as a Portfolio Specialist, contributing to launch of the Girl Effect. In 2010, with an MSc degree from the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE), she headed back down to Brazil to reconnect with her old Santos teammates and develop the Guerreiras Project. This past year she carried out ethnographic work for the project on a Fulbright Fellowship in Recife and São Paulo, focused on gender, the body, and economic development. She recently delivered this TED talk on the subject in São Paulo. Caitlin received her BA with Honors in Biological Anthropology from Harvard University in 2004.

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