On July 11, The World Justice Forum Panel on Environmental Governance explored the different elements of effective governance to form an integrated and self-reinforcing system, with clear, implementable and enforceable laws, meaningful public engagement, access to environmental information, and more.

The panel also considered recent developing country innovations in strengthening environmental governance, how progress on governance in the environmental sector can be measured, and how efforts to strengthen environmental governance can become more strategic, coordinated, and effective.


  • Hans Corell, Former United Nations Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs (Sweden)


  • Antonio Benjamin, Justice, National High Court of Brazil; Chair, World Commission on Environmental Law (Brazil)
  • Lord Carnwath, Justice, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
  • Scott Fulton, Former General Counsel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
  • Donald Kaniaru, Chair, National Environmental Tribunal of Kenya (Kenya)

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