Global headlines are dominated by sporting events. Every day, sport plays an integral role in the lives of people across the world, factoring into social and cultural identity, as well as stimulating the domestic and international economy. With the recent XXX Olympic Games came the opportunity to examine sport’s unique ability to bring people together, as well as to foster debate on key rule of law issues such as corruption, environmental law, order and security, drug use, gender equality, antitrust, land rights, labor law, monopolies, and many other topics. Panelists will examine the relationship between national and international governance and sport, seeking to analyze best practices and unique innovations in which sport can be both an advocate for the rule of law, and an example of the systemic good that results from adherence to the law. With an ability to captivate the attention of societies across borders and oceans, sport occupies a global spotlight as well as global responsibility to the rule of law.



  • Angela Ciccolo, Chief Legal Counsel, Special Olympics International (USA)
  • Moya Dodd, Partner, Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers; Vice President, The Asian Football Confederation (Australia)
  • Caitlin Fisher, Co-Founder & Team Leader, Guerreiras Project (Brazil)
  • Mondli Makhanya, Former Editor in Chief, Avusa Media (South Africa)

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