In many countries, females are in danger from birth by virtue of their gender. Even before birth, sex-selective abortion is widespread, and sex ratios in several countries have been unbalanced because hundreds of thousands of girls have “disappeared” without explanation. Women also face the risk of human trafficking, genital mutilation, or preventable childbirth-related injuries and illnesses.  In warzones, three out of four fatalities are women and children.  HIV/AIDS is spreading fastest among adolescent girls and young women, largely because treatment is often separated from prevention, care, and support. Women’s health is much more than a medical issue; it is a cultural, political, economic, and social justice issue. In this session, panelists will examine the relationship between the status and rights of women, and the pervasive health issues that they face.  Panelists will also discuss efforts to improve access to health services, clean water and sanitation, as well as commodities in the supply chain to integrate services of health, education and nutrition.


  • Purnima Mane, President & CEO, Pathfinder International (India)


  • Jimmie Briggs, Founder, ManUp Campaign (USA)
  • Sabiha Husić, Director, Medica Zenica (Bosnia)
  • Nawal el Saadawi, Writer; Activist; Former Director General, Health Education Department, Egyptian Ministry of Health (Egypt)
  • Angela Pinzon, Professor of Medicine, University El Rosario (Columbia)

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