Year: 2017

The Rule of Law in Afghanistan: Key Findings from the 2016 Extended General Population Poll & Justice Sector Survey presents select findings from two nationally representative World Justice Project surveys conducted in Afghanistan in July and August 2016. The data derived from both surveys are presented as 12 thematic briefs highlighting a different facet of the rule of law as it is experienced by the population in Afghanistan. These briefs touch upon issues of accountability, corruption, fundamental rights, access to information, crime, justice – criminal, civil, and informal – as well as the role of women in Afghan society. This report also includes a summary of the most salient findings from 50 in-depth interviews, designed to complement the quantitative findings of the Justice Sector Survey by gathering qualitative data about Afghans’ experiences and perceptions of justice in their community, the dispute resolution process, and how it affects their personal life. Overall, this report represents the voices of over 6,500 people in Afghanistan and their experiences with the rule of law in their country.