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Organization Name Sort descending Organization Name (Local Language) Country Factors Organization Description
4T Center - Vietnam Youth Education Support Center Trung tâm Hỗ trợ Giáo dục Thanh thiếu niên Việt Nam Vietnam Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

A social organization in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the mission of education support and comprehensive development for Vietnamese Youth. Their landmark project focused on the meaning of corruption and fighting corruption.

ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) - Judicial Strengthening to Build Court Effectiveness (JUSTICE) program  Philippines Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

The JUSTICE program combats court ineffectiveness and ABA ROLI, in close collaboration with local partners, such as the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, the Office of Government Corporate Counsel and the Intellectual Property Office, is implementing targeted interventions to make the Philippine justice system more responsive, reliable and efficient.

Academic Institute for Peace, Democracy and Security Instituto Universitario en Democracia, Paz y Seguridad Honduras Open Government (Factor 3), Order and Security (Factor 5)

Has developed an observatory of violence and trains children, families and citizens in general on reduction of violence and leadership mechanisms.

Academy for Peace and Development Georgia Order and Security (Factor 5)

Works to involve youth in policy development on conflict resolution, peace processes and development, in monitoring policy and creating active participation.

Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of State and Law Viện Nhà nước và Pháp luật Vietnam Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

The basic function of the Institute is to study fundamental issues related to State and Law; to provide the scientific evidence for making strategies and policies which are used for the development and building State and law.

ACCEPT Romania Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Works to defend the rights of the LGBTI community in Romania, through policy recommendations, lobbying and strategic litigation.

Access to Justice - A2Justice Nigeria Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

It is an advocacy group working to guarantee equal and non-discriminatory access to justice, and to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the judiciary. Their initiatives include the Legal Resource Programme, the Legal Acces Programme, and the Judicial Integrity and Independence Programme.

Accountability Institute South Africa (AISA) South Africa Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

Works to promote good standards on accountability for NGOs, government and business, in order to promote ethics and transparency.

Accountability Network Red por la Rendicion de Cuentas Mexico Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

Works to develop a network of organizations and academics to create a system of accountability and checks and balances in Mexico, through the promotion of the National Anticorruption system and the reform of the Transparency Act.

Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) Nepal Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1)

Utilizes a coordinated advocacy approach in order to put pressure on the government to address past human rights abuses and to promote the implementation of a comprehensive transitional justice mechanism in Nepal.

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

Sets the standards for transparency and tax declaration of business in Singapore.

Act Against Corruption Agir Contre la Corruption France Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

Internet Platform set up by Transparency International to allow citizens to report cases of corruption or malpractice by politicians.

Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT) - Senegal Action des Chrétiens pour l'Abolition de la Torture (ACAT) Senegal Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Works to investigate allegations of torture and promote the abolishing of torture, along with fighting against overpopulation in detention centres.

Action for Youth And Environment Action Jeunesse et Environnement Senegal Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Works to give access to education, health and work to marginalised youths, women and villages through innovative procedures defined by citizens.

Action of Christians for the End of Torture (ACAT) Action des Chrétiens pour l'Abolition de la Torture (ACAT) France Order and Security (Factor 5)

Works to abolish torture, but specifically on police violence in France, producing reports and lobbing for policy action on police violence.

Action to the Community Development Center Trung tâm Hành động vì sự phát triển cộng đồng Vietnam Civil Justice (Factor 7)

Works to uphold the rights and opportunities of disabled persons in Vietnam and to assist them with legal services.

Action Works Nepal (AWON) Nepal Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Action Works Nepal's objective is to improve the livelihood of the poor, excluded, and vulnerable communities through innovative vocational opportunities, and economic empowerment activities as driven by communities.

ActionAid International The Gambia (AAITG) The Gambia

It started operating in The Gambia in 1979, working with rural communities to address poverty. It promotes sustainable agriculture and control of natural resources. It works to Improve the quality of public education for all children, and supports youth to become drivers of change.

Active Watch Romania Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2), Open Government (Factor 3)

Media monitoring agency focused on promoting freedom of expression and good governance (esp. Transparency) through reports and training courses on democracy and liberties.

Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE) Malawi Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Works mainly on youth issues, and particularly on child labour, having contributed to the crack down on child labour in Malawi in recent years.

Administrative Justice Court دیوان عدالت اداری Iran Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

Works to investigate the complaints and grievances of the public with respect to government officials, organs and statutes under Article 173 of the Constitution.

Administrative Services Ombudsman الموفق الاداري‎ Tunisia Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6), Civil Justice (Factor 7)

An essential organ in assistance and support to achieve the best results of conciliation and resolve issues that may exist between the citizen on the one hand and public function agent on the other hand. It is also charged to detect any form of abuse that can occur or can be noted when processing different undertaken records.

Advocacy Forum (AF) Nepal Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

AF is working to promote the rule of law and upholds international human rights standards in Nepal. The core area of AF's work includes human rights advocacy. AF is actively confronting the deeply entrenched culture of impunity in Nepal.

Afghan Anti-Corruption Network (AACN) Afghanistan Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

AACN is a social, non- profit, non partisan, non- political and non-governmental network established to bring together different civil society organization and individuals alike to fight corruption in Afghanistan.

Afghan Civil Society Forum-organization (ACSFo) Afghanistan Open Government (Factor 3)

ACSFo is a network of civil society organizations working to promote and advocate civic participation.